Alright alright, I've had my first enquiry about what I'm doing for my birthday and it's a week in the coming, so I thought I'd better start thinkin about it, because I'm gonna be fieldin calls about this all week I know, so I guess I'd better start thinkin about it.

Firstly there is one thing I have to get out the way. Yes my birthday is on saturday I will be 23. And I don't really care. I had to sit and work out how old I would be because after 20 I really stopped givin a damn. I've worked out a pretty reliable system to wotk out my own age, it's too complex in it's detail to go into just now.

But honestly I don't really care too much about birthdays, mine, yours, the Queens, they are just days like any other and every day should be a day where you go and enjoy yourself, livin life to it's fullest and bein true to yourself - who needs an excuse to have a great time and to give appropriate things to people you love? I don't care if I recieve gifts on my birthday - it's so much more refreshing when you just give me something out the blue in the middle of the year just because you saw it and thought of me. It's a much nicer feeling to know that the feeling and the thought was not a false and forced expression. I feel guilty recieving presents when I know that people have trudged through the streets trying to think of something to get me. That's unnatural, just don't do it please.

Also, those closest to me know I feel a little insulted by pure materialism for the sake of it. Please guys, I really don't care for presents just bring yourselves. I love my friends and family for who you are and the amount of affection I feel for you is not going to change if you get me something or don't. I've said it before but please don't patronise me with materialism. Make something yourself, that will hit the spot!

Movin on then to the subject of what I'm actually gonna do. Well my first reaction would be to say "nothing at all", because the concept of forcibly having a good time for the sake of an arbitrary day is just ridiculous. But on further reflection I see this as an opportunity to see my friends, people who may or may not actually attach value to this occasion but will go out of their way to see me because of it. And it is a fool who wastes an opportunity to see friends at no expense to themself!

So yeah I will have some sort of meet up but it's just a get together to see my mates. I'm not the biggest pubber and clubber cos you don't get to talk to your mates, I don't like the normal celebration methods, I'm not gonna get drunk, cos that's not really me. I'm not gettin old, I'm just being honest.

I'm not gonna leave London cos I love it so if anyone wants to join me you're gonna have to come 'ere.

I want to go the theatre in the evening and, if the weather is right in the day, I want to have a picnic in the park with some beers and some homemade sarnies and a football. A hamper would be nice as well and a flask of hot tea. mmmm tea....
Bring your own sandwiches and enough to go round. Anyone who can get their mum to cook stuff will have my eternal love, cos aint nothin better than mums cookin.

So there you have it. Mail me if you have any questions or suggestions. Everyone is invited and feel free to bring all your mates. I'll post any further ideas on this website.

Big up yourselves!
One Love
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