Two world firsts in a day

Sometimes you wait all your life and two things come along at once.

I went skiing today for the first time ever.

And I ironed my clothes.

So that's two firsts in a day already and that was just in the morning. In the evening I went to my first Filipino Community christmas party and had my first cha cha lesson from a filipino woman.

Oh yeah - and I made my first speech to an audience on a microphone alongside my uncle who got voted onto the board tonight and had my first taste of filipino food, which included the most delicious spring roll I've ever had - it had banana in it. A strange combination in theory but it was absolutely divine.

And of the final world firsts today, it was the first time in the world that I've ever sang karaoke in front of an audience tagalog.

Not a bad days work if you ask me.
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