And here's one you missed earlier part 2 - Laptop Diary archive 7 December 2002

LA Life part 2 - Thug Lifes End
(Renamed "Crip Life is no good" by Big Cali)

Why should I stop when it feels so good
The gift of words raised Me from the hood
between here and there are a pile of books
you get nowhere with just envious looks

When you write and you read you give yourself real strength
Youthful greed has just a finite length
Knowledge is Power with unlimited depth
Don't be weak, dig deep and fight til your final breath

A lawyer in a suit can kill a thousand men
When you pull the trigger you kill only one
The big game and the fame you seek can be won
Your candle is weak next to the sun

There is no excuse for not standing tall
You live in the hood - but don't we all
You can't eat the big fish when you're only small
Take the shackles off your mind, but not your eye off the ball

Education is the Free way from slavery
Ridin with your dogs aint bravery
Open your eyes and you will see
The slavemaster is the slave and that is me

Andy 2002

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