And here's one you missed earlier part 5 - Laptop Diary archive 7 December 2002

Seattle, WA - 7 December 2002

Alright Alright I'll admit it I bumped into a tree. But that's only half the story. The other half is that Seattle is such a beautiful city that I was looking at the Space Needle over my shoulder when it happened. I'm a city boy and Seattle has that nice big city feel that I thrive on. It's like plugging me into a socket. The Return of the Energiser Bunny.

Interesting hostel. There are only 2 internet terminals here as opposed to the 3 at San Francisco. Everyone here seems to have their own Laptop like me so I feel quite at home here already.

It is a really nice hostel actually and Seattle has struck me immediately as a really beautiful place, even though I've got here as the sun was setting. I've just been out for a walk in the dark to accustom myself with the place a little and went to this bookshop where I bought a book called the Tao of Physics, which I had heard about but not seen before. It seemed a little like destiny as it was on the display in the physics section at a price i could afford, and only yesterday I wrote a piece on the parallels between Eastern Philosophy and Modern Physics in The World Warrior. It all seemed to fall into place. I also bought a book on Haiku and Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto. It was a really good bookshop Arundel Books on 1st Ave and the guy, although he was supposed to be closed, stopped and talked for a good 15 minutes after the shop had closed about all the books I should read and showed me around. Note to self - read Edgar Allen Poe and find out that artist guy he showed me.

I'm going back to the shop tomorrow and will probably end up spending quite a bit of time and money there I suspect. I may have the books shipped home though as the weight of books on top of what I'm already carrying will probably kill me. I am a Man not a pack-horse. I am however working on my very last US Dollars and am kinda counting on stayin the last bits of this month with the relatives, so I'm gonna gamble my last US Dollars away and use English money into Canadian dollars when I get to Vancouver. That should be more than adequate and with the money saved on US sales tax (8% in this state) because I'm shipping the books home I should be able to pay for P+P so there's no skin off my nose.

I picked my e-mail up earlier and Bags here's one that will interest you - I got one signed off with the words "Love, a 14 year old girl". Officer things are not what they seem! Although you are a babe, Eden you're not really my type in a kind of generational-gap kind of way and I'm sure that I probably haven't broken any hearts by saying that. Bags you cause me all sorts of legal trouble, I should have you fired.

Bruce Lees grave tomorrow methinks. I found out that Jimi Hendrix lived and died here too, but I'm not really the biggest Hendrix fan anyway. I didn't manage to get Big Calis phone number either, which is a bugger, cos he was off taking a piss when I got off the train. He promised me a pizza when I got to Seattle so I may go on a pizza-shop mission around town to every pizza joint in town lookin for him. Sounds like a good enough laugh.


Eden - cheers for gettin back to me so fast babe. I hadn't expected to see you ever again, I thought you'd had quite enough of me already. Don't listen to what Mike was sayin, I wasn't hittin on you - you know it and so do I. Cheers for makin 24 hours on the train seem like a short amount of time.

Big Cali - I will track you down dog. I'm comin for that pizza because a promise is a promise. Cheers for the food and the inspiration. Frame them and send me a photo dog.

Ants - Where the fuck is that address? I hope you got the joke and you're not ignoring me cos you thought I was seriously rippin' you! Ha! Fuck it i'll make it an open competition - First one to find me the address of Characters Management Limited (NOT a spelling mistake) in Stoke Newington wins a prize. I just want to send someone a postcard, and first one who sends me the address gets a postcard too. As a starter for 10 points I will tell you it's in Stoke Newington Church Street, possibly in an army cadets building. The address of the army cadets building is good enough.

Ants Again - I been thinkin I may pop in to see you on the way back from Heathrow bitch. If I'm in your part of town it makes sense no? I pull in on 27 or 28 i think. can't remember but if you yay it I'll be there.

Suze - What do you mean by "raving"?

B from L - I wonder if you have read and understood. A philosphy is nothing but words until it is understood and acted. Strangely, just after reading your last email I ended up in a pool hall just down the road but couldn't get on a table to hustle. damn. They play like pussies in this country though. Put any of em on a snooker table and they'd have trouble beating the even the mighty Marco Fu.

Taz - A mortician is WHAT exactly? Is that a beautician for dead people or a beautiful dead person? Either way things don't look good here blood. Keep me hanging on though, cos it's my own dumb fault for being gone so long. I can tell that this will be such a mighty session up town or in your gaffe or mine we may need to book 2 days. Also are you and the Truong goin to be bustin out to the high and mightys this NYE? It's not really my scene to be honest but it's the boy I want to see.

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