Shee-yat! My wordmachine is on fire today!
And this one again is for my nigger Jay
Two in an hour of top-notch degrees
If I keep burnin this brightly my ass gonna freeze

So get on your knees bitches and pray for my ass
I don’t wanna lose it, it was built to last
It’s only this >.< big but it’s pretty cute
And without it how the hell am I gonna poo?

Cheers in advance and this one’s for you
Song of the day number 2

Kid from the other side

I’m the one kid you know from the other side of the tracks
I should be looking forward but I keep looking back
I’m running away but I’m still holding on
And one of these days I’m gonna be gone

Now I’m not on this side and I’m not on yours
Your riches seem to me like distant shores
If I’m on neither platform I must be on the tracks
And when the train comes along I’m gonna go *Splat*

But death to me is real and to you is fake
Up in your tower watchin Ricki Lake
No-one Ever Really Dies, you believe it’s true
But one day, Mr Death’s gonna jump on you

Andy 2002

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