Jay this is for you bro cos I know you love the lyrics…

The Masked Avenger - Guided Missile part 2

Hey mister Warwick-boy it’s me again
Mister Andy Hoang and my poison pen
Like your mummy in the morning I’m your wake up call
Aint it bout time you stopped going to school?

First lecture of the day is in PLT
Ah fuck it no, it’s now in your room on your PC
It’s course A77 on Integrity
And the PhD, professor is Me

Now listen up, and listen good
You in the back take off your hood
Take that wank mag out of your book
Like Yoda says, Take notes you should

You got a lot to learn, I got time to burn
I could teach all day til the sun goes down
I’ma keep on teaching when you shoot your sperm

Feel better now? Then lets begin
I’m tryin to save your ass from a life of sin
I want to get you out fore you lock yourself in
So shut the fuck up and start listenin

You know I’m the King and you’re listenin to me
“So what the hell is this ‘Integrity?’
Will it bring me prosperity?
A place in the sun, lots of girls and weed?
Is it gonna pay for all my seeds?
Does it matter Sir if I can hardly read?
Do you take payment in cash or deeds?”

You can hardly read? There’s a Warwick First
They don’t care if you’re the best if you’re not the worst
If you got the cash then we got the bills
Never mind about those little things called skillz
If you’re middle class then just flash the cash
And get the fuck away if you are trailer trash

But that’s it you see, that’s Integrity
It’s acceptin me for just being me
There’s more to a man than you can see
There’s more to life than what you read

Money and riches aint all you need
Dem girls, dat dope and all dat weed
The place in the sun of which you speak
Don’t look like your holiday home in Crete

“What you talking bout man? Aint that all there is?
Fast cars, fast girls and all dat wiz
I’ve got it all and if I aint then I’ll get it
Courtesy of daddy’s little platinum credit”

There are greater riches “Bullshit there isn’t”
but you’ll never see em til you’re truly wizened
I wear these clothes get the bus to school
But through your closed eyes you can’t see that I’m richer than you

”Hmmm maybe there’s somethin, I’ma listen up
Stop playin round with all my balls and stuff
My right hand is sore but I can write with my left
Maybe there is still a chance of life before death”

Take off your mask and just be yourself
The respect of your Friends is worth more than your wealth
The ability to turn your eyes up to the sky
Will give you life even after you die

The balls in your court now, not just in your hand
It’s time to let go, time to be a man
Time to embrace the Truth, be one with the Land
See me after the class if you don’t understand

Andy 2002

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