Rainbow over the concrete streets

I been reading through some of your past e-mails again on my brand spankin new computer today and with unlimited time on my hands I have been able to pick up on some minutiae information that escaped me the first time.

First of all, I read Thoulds first e-mail to me again and realise that, although he's got a secretary who sucks his cock on demand etc, that is just the start of it. I somehow overlooked the fact that his new flat has a double bed, which I suspect the company paid for to make sure the boss is comfortable while he begs for promotion, and rather than taking notes he uses his dictaphone. God only knows why he doesn't use a normal phone like everyone else but needless to say, his secretary is on the receiving end of it every time.

Why exactly though do I keep going on about Thouldsters secretary though, you may be thinking. Other than the fact I find it hilarious to imply that he is perhaps getting laid, I find it kinda comforting to think that he is now on the road to the comfortable life that so many Warwick students aspire to. I know that Lee is not as bad as all that though, because it was actually a job that he took out of interest and not out of the pursuit of a mundane end and I respect him for having held out for so long for the right job to come along.

But as this is my column, this also boils down to me and it's relevance to my life. In a way I guess looking at the Thoulds achievement, against the odds (he's thick and ugly) he has put himself on the road to fulfilling his ambition, and is on the way to actually achieving something that, in his mind at least, is worth achieving. And all credit to him for choosing his path and sticking to it. But what the hell am I gonna do?

Slit's doing the same thing. He's developing himself to the best of his abilities in a field I actually quite dig, Environmental Science and again against the odds (he has a small cock) he's probably gonna come away with the goods and set himself on the path to lifelong sewage treatment. Which is what he wants to do by the way.

I am not competing with anyone as I have already made clear, because that is not the Taoist way but of course I can't help but notice that perhaps in the course of having a fecking good time I will perhaps have to work out a way to get someone to give me some money soon. Like wot the Thould has done.

Of course Sarjmeister Baboon has pointed out the fact that I am not the only one worried about the future and that now that we are out of that west midlands hell we're all a little concerned at where we're headed. It just sometimes feels like I'm the only one not gettin paid for it that's all.

Still, I know I take a risk by standing up for what I believe in, but hold to the belief that the only way to happiness is through being the best Me that I can. Somehow I am sure that that's enough and when all is said and done, at least I can stand up and be counted, for richer or poorer I did what I thought was right and never buckled under the inevitable pressures that we are all put under. Anyone can work for a corporation and be nobody all their life and hell I've been there and done it myself enough times before but the compromises that have to be made to conform to the framework and stay inside the box will eventually make clones of us all. And in the land of the blind the king is the little handsome yellow guy who runs around waving his arms and sticking his hairy yellow butt in your face.

The threat of global homogenisation became starkly clear this morning for example...

Hmmm as a little humorous aside amidst all this semi-serious dialogue, I'd just like to mention that on Vietnamese TV right now there is a guy eating a dog.

...when I went to Wal-Mart, which I mentioned earlier selling George clothes. And guns. You may recall Asdas recent Rollback campaign with the little smiley face that bounced right into that silly woman's arsehole. No wonder she had to scratch. It's too late now love you can't waft it away - everyone knows it was you! Yeah well, they've got the Rollback campaign over here too and it just made me think, firstly "If I wanted to buy your crap at yesterdays prices, I'd shoplift it like I did yesterday" then "If I wanted to see this I would have stayed at home where I know how to avoid it already". But that's the thing. If more countries and their people continue to become too complacent to innovate and cultivate original ideas and this constant drive towards franchising and globalisation continues, there will be no places left in the whole world where we can escape the box we have created for ourselves. Every place will become the same, every persons experience will thus be pretty damn similar and life will become a whole lot less interestin.

Bear that in mind as you chew on the pencil that capitalism made and drink your Starbucks coffee in the office of your faceless multinational corporation in your grey suit. And remember, you only have yourselves to blame.

Only a fool looks for the pot of gold when they already have a Rainbow - Andy 2002

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