mini-Andy new skin on the way

I'm due to get the miniature-Journeyman back at the start of April and I plan to give him a brand new arm, glasses and head.

In fact I think I need to give him entirely new skin!

If you look at his mini-Body you'll notice most obviously that he has lost his glasses, and his left arm. Look closer and you'll see the little guy hasn't aged too well at all, and lacks certain parts of his head too, as well as being in need of a hip replacement.

Working at the Yaa as I do, I've been priveleged to learn some mad crazy skills that I could use for restoring our miniature hero and I have been thinking that in April or May I may take him in and give him a full makeover. (Don't tell him but this may involve having to take all his skin off...)

If I do this, the little dude will have a replacement shell of either plaster or fibreglass, noth of which are hard wearing.

I'm favouring fibreglass, as plaster could crack in your suitcase.

Boy he's gonna be built like TERMINATOR!!! Any objections? Has anyone got any better ideas?

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