It's in the bag

I collect sickbags and when I got on the Trinidad to Tobago Ferry I was delighted to see that they have customised bags.

In Norway in January of this year, the ferry trip between Lofoten and Bodo was pretty gut-wrenching on the way to Lofoten, and had all three of us on the floor squeezing our eyes and trying to sleep.

On the way back, we drugged ourselves up to the eyeballs and I felt so good that I went onto the deck and span around in circles just because I could.

This meant that by the time I got on this ferry I felt invincible. Chuh! I could take on ANY ferry.

What I failed to take into account was the fact that the ferry had actually been cancelled three days in a row due to poor weather.

So as the worst of it was over and the seas were only awful and not bloody godawful, they decided to put the ferry back on.

That's when I got on.

As we pulled out of port, I was thinkin "dah! this is easy" and looked out the window, then fell asleep as it was about 6 in the morning.

About half an hour into the 2 hour ride from Trini to Tobago, I got up and felt bad. REALLY bad.

Looking at the sickbag in front of me I couldn't bring myself to soil it. I needed that for my collection so, as difficult as it was to maintain my balance and my dignity, I got up and staggered to the bathroom where I threw myself headfirst down the ceramic chimneypot.

Not as seaworthy as I thought then.

Luckily for me though, I had saved my seat sickbag and there was virtually nothing left in my stomach anyway.

As I made my way back to my seat, I felt more drunk than I had over the whole week. Considering that me and Arto got through a bottle of rum for starters every single day of carnival and I had just woken up this was a surprise. Even though I had worshipped at the throne of Thomas Crapper the feeling of being kicked repeatedly in the stomach wasn't going to go away and I wasn't halfway back to my window seat when I felt a sudden urge to grab a bag of this sort out of the back of an empty chair and annoint it with parts of my upper digestive system. I hate being sick at the best of times, but using a sickbag with a logo on it seems like a crime to me. Enough to make me feel sick actually.

Which probably explains why, along with the fact that the boat was like a gigantic metallic bucking bronco, when I got back to my seat, the lower half of my digestive system made an appearance as well along with bits of my liver and colon.

This bag was surreptitiously taken from the back of a seat on the way out, after looking twice over my shoulder. *Shush* Don't tell anyone...

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