No I am not logging on as mini-Andy and curtain-twitching

mini-Andy has been caught having increased activity on his facebook page lately, after a long period of it just sitting there not doing much, but that's because he has nothing much to do with adventures being few and far between due to the recession and no-one taking him away on holiday.

Other than this excursion into bookland (which actually WAS for research and promotion although I know that you lot will assume I curtain-twitched no matter how much I protest), the two of us have not gone anywhere near the thing for the last few days and it's been wonderful. And to anyone who sent messages on there, I would like to point out that they were all deleted unread, so don't bother.

I'll say it again. I am not using facebook, so don't bother to send messages to mini-Andy either, and in truth I won't even read his wall. Save yourself the time and energy. It is not a backdoor, so don't waste your time.

Since becoming bookless, I have managed the following:
20 blog posts in various places - my writing has come back. To tell the truth I was very worried I'd lost it for a while back there. I done a count up of blogs today and realised I have 25 different blogs hosted on blogger alone, so that doesn't even include the ones in academia, the ones on newspaper sites, the secret ones about REALLY weird shit etc. Sweet.
2 new ideas for blogs. One collaborative one coming soon with the writer of Eatcricklewood, Cricklewood's finest food critic.
2 photoshoots of real walls that I'm really proud of
1 semi-pro photoshoot which output some DAMN good photos of me.
4 photoshoots lined up
1 campaign lined up
2 people met that I wouldn't otherwise have met

This redirection of my energies has been absolutely marvellous. I dunno why I didn't do it before but my REAL wall has been a new lease of life. I'm loving the fact that I'm now meeting REAL people and doing REAL things again and not just pretending that I do to make myself look good.

Big thanks to those of you who have commented and emailed. It's good to know that when facebook is taken out the equation some people actually do still want to keep in touch.

Looking forward to seeing the REAL you or your REAL posts soon.

By the way I'm off to Trinidad as of Thursday and I will be solidly partying for 7 days, so all blogs will be on ice probably until the start of March, but if you've not already read them you should read Dosaboys and mini-Andy from cover to virtual cover.
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