Having left teaching at the end of last term I started work as an e-learning advisor in auniversity a few weeks back. It's been a pretty tough few weeks, mainly trying to get my head around the structure of university and how it works, but also trying to adapt to now being a passive resource rather than an active one.

Being totally bored at work and in the UK in general I have started serious daydreaming lately. The words "GO TO VIETNAM!" have shot through my head more than once and I have been actively looking at the international jobs boards to see if it's a possibility.

It's not that I can't do the job I have, I just find that the pace is so different from schools, and I'm not on the front line. In short, I feel that advising on e-learning so someone else can do the teaching hasn't come to easily to me. Still, just because something is hard doesn't mean it's not worth trying to do.

So on Monday, I was daydreaming about when I could next shoot off to the sun and, sat on the train I picked up the free rag and read the horoscope, which read,

Bored at work? Why not plan a holiday so you have something to look forward to. That will calm your nerves.

Damn. That sounds like a good idea. So I started planning to go to Trinidad for carnival next year.

Yesterday I was sat around daydreaming on the train about when I could soonest get back in to a classroom when I picked up the same rag and it said

Don't make any rash decisions. It may be a drag at the moment but it will be a good investment if you just stick it out

Bloody hell. It's like Mystic Meg is watching me!

So I've decided, on the basis of this evidence to leave all future decisions to the the horoscope dudes who write in the London evening papers.

Watch this space...
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