Israel chronicles - Day 1 - 7 August (from the blogphone)

Mainly travelling from Cairo to Taba. Slept most the way.
At the border at Taba you have to jump off and walk across on foot, then taxi to Eilat from the border (40 shekels)

Lots of hassle at the border becuase i have UAE and Kuwait stamps all over the place. Took about an hour and 50 questions to get through. Seemed like posturing really. Told the border guard i am not remotely interested in Middle Eastern politics. Initially not too hopeful about getting in as my passport has only 4 months left til it expires but it turned out they didn't really care much about that.

Met 2 travellers, Grainne and Sam who were coming from Cairo on a tour and were stoped at the border. Their bus left them there and continued driving to Jerusalem and i ended up in the same hostel dorm with them. Good old Lonely Planet!

Then went out for sushi. Cost about 26 pounds i think but am gonna blame the currency conversion newness rather than indulgence for that. Great Salmon Nigiri that melted on the tongue.

After that went down to the beachfront where there are loads of market stalls and cool stuff for sale and bought a beer in Three Monkeys where i noticed i kept falling asleep so went back to the Arava hostel and called it a night.
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