Stop the train!

Every few months or so I am harshly reminded by some silly action of mine that I am not Indiana Jones as I lead myself to believe.

On Friday, me and Ben set off from Cairo's Rameses train station for Alexandria. We got on the 3pm train at about 2:45 and Ben sat down and made himself comfortable, while I decided to go out and take some pictures around the platform.

Our carriage was right the way at the front of the train, so much so that to get on to the train, we actually had to lean out, off the edge of the platform and reach onto the door that was about a foot from the end of the platform, with a metre drop off the end.

So I went in search of some photos and, seeing that the locals were crossing the tracks and walking anywhere they liked, I had the idea that it would be quite cool to sit in front of the train and take a pic of the converging lines of the tracks towards the front of the train.

As I made my way to the front of the train, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that it had started to move. Not being very bright I continued for a bit, before realising that it was actually 3pm and the train had started to leave the station. SHIT!

I ran back to the main part of the platform, where I could actually reach the doors only to find that they had all been closed, thus leading me to consider the only option left available

...running off the end of the platform and trying to grab the handrail of the open door that was slowly but surely moving out of reach.

This was my moment to prove that I was indeed Indiana Jones, only mildly more entertaining and witty. All I had to do was run, jump off the edge of the platform, grab the handrail and swing into the open door of the moving train. I'd be an instant hit with the ladies.

I ran.

I jumped off the edge of the platform.

I missed.

I landed a metre below the platform.

And the train driver stopped and let me climb back on as bemused Egyptians looked on.

Harrison Ford would be cringing.
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