OK whose dumb idea was this...

Last Wednesday I was invited to a football match that will take place tomorrow between two of the biggest sides in Egypt.

The queues outside the ticket office in Zamalek in the centre of town were bedlam, people literally climbing over each other to get hold of tickets in third class.

Being a cocky little git, I strolled past all the supporters and the touts, swaggering like a real colonial and walked straight in and bought 3 tickets for me, Ben and Stew in what turned out to be the cheapest seats in the house, without much trouble. Having learnt my lesson from the train last week, I strolled right back up and changed them for seats in the second class seats, in the Ahly end of the stadium.

"This is too easy" I thought

...and today I open the Guardian website to read this

The world's most violent derby: Al Ahly v ZamalekA clash of nationalism, class and escapism going back 100 years means it's not just fists that fly in the Cairo derby

Maybe being a smug colonial in the Ahly end isn't going to be the best idea.

The article is terrifying.

The game happens tomorrow.

Bring it on!
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