My last day as a science teacher (for now)

As many of you know, I've given up science teaching, fired from the last joint in Spain for being too good. I couldn't help though, but go out on a high, so I worked in a Grammar school deep in Kent for a 2 week stint before coming out to Egypt.

It was great, and by the time I left, even though I'd only been there a couple of weeks, the pupils were all whining that I shouldn't leave and that they had learnt loads in the two weeks I was there.

I love teaching, I really do. On it's good days there is no better job in the world.

I finished up with a lesson in biology with the nicest year 7 class I've ever had, then in the afternoon it was sports day, and the kids painted my face in all the house colours.

Trystan said the day before

I remember my last day. I had 9Retard and they were fucking awful. Good riddance

I had the best class in the world. Angels all. I was only there for 2 weeks, but they made me feel like one man could really make a difference.

20th June 2008 was the day that Science teaching lost one of it's keenest teachers, due to perpetual mismanagement, and in August when I come back I'll be in a new job as an e-learning advisor.

See you all in the UK soon...
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