To the anonymous person...

A few years back I was working with a guy who, short of alcohol came up a cunning plan.

Ushering his year 7 class in for registration, he noticed that he had a present on his desk, and on opening it he found a bottle of wine and a card.

After taking the register he said to his class

Oh guys this is so good of you. I see that no-one has written a name in it though. Well that's no matter, it's just SO nice to feel appreciated. Thanks to whoever it was.

Obviously the cunning bastard had wrapped it himself and so no-one came out and admitted to it. The next day he came in and there were hampers and wine bottles galore.

Tomorrow I teach my last ever science lesson, in a really excellent school. Makes a change from the last place that's for sure.

And yeah I'm gonna miss watching the lightbulbs go on above their little heads, the smiles and the banter of the children that I've come to love and that feeling that I'm actually doing something useful with my life, but the time has come to move on. I'll be teaching English for a while in Egypt, but obviously it won't be the same, then when I get back it's university time (that is WORKING for a university)

I guess it's the end of this chapter of my life, and time to move on.

Gotta log off, as I'm off to get myself a bottle of wine and roll of wrapping paper...
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