Quick update end of May - Out of Madrid...

It's been crazy this last few weeks, projects left right and centre. Brief summary for my benefit as much as yours

20th May - Bus from Madrid to Granada in preparation for the scattering of Simon's ashes. On the way get a phone call from brother who is heading back from Valencia to the UK in a Transit van, offering to load my stuff up. Turns out he can only make it to Madrid at midnight 21st May.

21st May - 10 minutes late for the scattering of Simon's ashes due to phone running out of battery! Went into a mobile phone shop, bought a charger and asked if I could leave it in there to charge while I got a coffee. I get back and they had decided to lock the door and take a siesta! I am not best pleased about it, getting the phone back with 4 missed calls. Simon must be pissing himself that I travelled 11 hours on coach and missed the bloody thing!

21st May/22nd May midnight - Travelled back to Madrid, got into Madrid at 1am and packed my entire room into my brothers van as had to shift stuff sharpish, as I had a whole room to move back to the UK and a flight to catch at 7am. By 5am all stuff packed and ready to rock and roll back to Gatwick.

22nd May - 7am flight to London, interview in Rochester at 13:00. 10 minutes late for that (this becomes a recurring theme) but given that I had just packed my entire room in the middle of the night and flown 784 Miles, been on a train for 20 miles and 500 miles on coach the day before I was forgiven. Strangely I was on the train to Rochester when an agency called me in for an interview. Usually I turn these down as I'm in a foreign country at the time. Turns out that this guy was based in...Rochester! So straight off the plane, 2 interviews lined up by 5pm!

23rd May (Friday) - 7:25 Flight to Aarhus in Denmark for Carnival in Aalborg with Yaa Asantewaa. probably the best tour trip I've done yet, even though we took no honours this year. Three large costumes in 2 days and my shoulders were left in a right state

25th May - Fly back to Stansted, dropped off 1am 26th May in Docklands, bumble home. Sleep all day and attempt to prepare presentation for interview next day. Fail miserably all day then get on bus to Oxford. Finish presentation at 4am on 27th May.

27th May - Interview time 13:30 - 14:30. I wake up at 15:00 to the sound of the phone ringing. FUCK IT! This was the interview I left Spain for and I was so exhausted I bloody well slept through it! Turn up an hour and a half late, half asleep and probably stinking of rum from Denmark carnival. Fuck the interview up royally.

28 May (Wednesday) - Fly back to Madrid to sort out rent and clear up debts and get mini-Andy! Bloody important that!

30th May - Fly back to the UK. 6 planes in 8 days. Absolutely fucked.
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