Just shut up and do your job badly...

After reading a post entitled "I'll never fit in" I felt I just had to add to it.

I've long felt the same, that the work I do, integrating science teaching with group dynamics and IT is considered by some schools to be somehow 'dangerous' and 'subversive'

Not surprisinginly, the new and fresh approach I've always opted for has seen it's fair share of failures as well as successes but what has never let me down is the fact that my approach always interests and excites me. Even if a lesson is going badly, the fact it excites me to try out new things means I always put 100% of my effort into trying to prove that my method will work and pupils can see that.

...but the old guard continue to bleat on that it's too radical, that 'that's not how we do things around here'

The classical ways of teaching have their merits and their pitfalls but because I'm young and keen, and my methods are so out there, my failures are more likely to get noticed than those who stick to the book. When we try something new, when we raise our heads above the parapet we can expect to get shot down.

It seems that in this job, we are trained how to be good teachers, but in reality the management get scared when they see someone innovating, and put all their effort into ensuring that we just shut up and continue to teach like we always did.

Some of us are different. I am not prepared to stand by and watch as business marches on leaving eduation in the dark ages. I'm vocal and I'm passionate about teaching and I will stop at nothing to make sure that my pupils learn, in ways that will prepare them for the real world. e-learning is so vital as the pupils of the future will likely get all their information from internet sources. Group dynamics is so important because they live in a world that is becoming more and more interdependent.

These are the things I am passionate about and because I don't like books and I don't like outmoded Victorian practices and I am willing to speak out when it isn't working I find myself looking for a new job again and this time without a reference.

But then, as soon as my pupils found out that I had been fired they wrote the following comments on my VLE forum

It is also sad as an student to see how [the other great physics teacher] and you leave, leaving us alone with [a witch]. I enjoyed your classes, you made Physics fun. The thing is that they don't like your methods but your methods are effective: even those who didn't sympathise with you listened carefully in class.

I'll miss your stories such as the old woman farting and your way of teaching, very different but the best for an student (that's my opinion).

I hope you have a lucky future and I hope you don't accept any work as a nuclear weapon builder!

I don't understand why the school leaves us without teacher when we are near to the IGCSE.

Thank you for this year! [year 11 student]


Mr Hoang,

I hope you have had a good time teaching my class and all the other in the [name of poorly run school in Madrid]

I would like you to know that even though physics isn't my best subject I know I had improved thanks to you.

I will miss you and your classes, cause YOU do make physics seem so easy. As [Excellent student] said last week.

Good luck Mr. Hoang.
[A student]

I think it's safe to say that with words like that, who needs references...
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