Throwing Vista out the Window

My old computer was starting to really have trouble with cooling after 4 years travelling and blogging so last week I bought a shiny new laptop, consigning me to a month of skintness and starvation.

One of the reasons I bought the new Acer was to run Apache, mysql and php for moodle, with the intention of starting to learn to develop for my site.

After about 3 hours of trying to work out my way around Vista with it's confusing submenus and user-unfriendly and frankly confusing interface complete with dizzying window transitions, I was ready to throw the whole thing out the window.

For much of the weekend I found myself doing battle with the system trying to install Apache and realised that this is a major flaw in the system. As I'm no expert, I hammered away for all of the PM hours of Saturday and ended up giving up. Basically the damn thing won't install at all and I was left wondering why I didn't just buy a mac.

My fallout with Microsoft has been long in coming, with my hotmail being abandoned for junk mail a few years back, msn being replaced by google chat and Office killing my old computer (it used to turn off from overheating whenever Word was used) and now the whole bloody operating system is just being so damn INVASIVE and uncooperative that I think the time has come to part ways with Microsoft.

So now I'm looking at Ubuntu with intent to wipe Microsoft off my computer and out of my life completely (well almost - I still have to run it due to some Photoshop compatibility issues. I think Open Office and Apache sounds easy enough to get started on it.

All this geeking is not healthy for a man.

The verdict on Vista? Steer clear.
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