Spankin the KKK

This friend of mine, who will remain anonymous, has been trying to keep me from talking to her mum for a while, perhaps because I have this uncanny knack of saying the first thing that crosses my mind as you may have noticed.

On meeting for the first time, her mum told me that she reads this blog all the time. I always find it strange when my friends mums tell me that but from that little snippet I figured that if she had read most of the stuff on here then chances were I couldn't put my foot in my mouth TOO far.


On Friday night we went out to watch this years KKK parade in Anton Martin. On the way back we were discussing exactly what one had to do to get themselves involved in this whole thing. I think it would be rather good if I somehow managed, as a non-white, English-speaking non-Catholic to get to wear one of those KKK things.

So my mate said I needed to talk to her mum about this sort of thing, as her mum is quite well-educated in these matters (and fairly prudish and probably religious too she tries to tell me).

So we meet her mum in a bar ten minutes later and I say

"So, what does one have to do to get involved in the silent walking KKK thing then?"

"Well" she says, "firstly you would have to convert to Catholicism"

"Oh bugger" I replied, "Does that mean that I'd have to get my nob sliced off?"

"No that's Judaism"


"Then you have to get yourself a whip and develop a thing for flagellating yourself"

"Oh" I said, now pretty interested.

"Does it count if someone else has flagellated me?"


Yup, I guess it is. Hello if you're reading! *grins and waves*
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