My immoral pedometer

You may remember a few years back that a paediatricians house was daubed with graffiti after stupid "vigilantes", riled up by the media confused her professional title with "paedophile" and went on the rampage in south Wales.

Not being one to deliberately stir up trouble or anything, I thought I'd start a Pedo-file of my own today using my new toy.

I picked this pedometer up in Sweden. Using the Welsh thug logic above, you would be forgiven for mistaking a pedometer for a device that tags and tracks paedophiles. However, those of you in the know will be aware that, disappointingly it actually does nothing of the sort but merely counts steps taken.

Today, I managed to take 11,137 steps from leaving the house to teaching and then back.

Anyway I need to add that the story behind this pedometer isn't entirely innocent. Don't worry it's not got anything to do with paedophilia (jesus why did I even make this link. The cops will be all over this blog in no time)

I picked this pedometer up by accident. I had put my coat in one of those bag rack things on the bus and when I pulled the coat off, this thing came off the ledge and fell on the floor.

Realising that it wasn't mine, I thought I'd leave it on the floor, when some guy came up, tapped me on the shoulder and said

"Hey mate I think you dropped this"

So I sort of extended my hand, he put it in my outstretched palm and I said

"erm thanks mate"

and walked off without so much as a second thought. Oh yes I'm a bad man.

And a pedometer-owning one at that.
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