mischievious teaching practices

After getting a fair few (alright two - it's more than usual) comments on my nucleus post and getting a link up from Foss on his site I thought I'd just whack up a few pics of a class at work.

It's always been in my head that the classroom is somewhere that is totally underutilised for learning. We sit down in a classroom and often it's treated as a box in which you learn, but the room itself is not used for learning. Taking this approach to it's logical conclusion I decided in my last school in the UK to make use of every square inch of the room, the tables, the floor, the ceilings and the windows and to bring it alive.

We don't do that a lot in secondary for some reason, I guess it's seen as a primary thing, dressing the class up, but when pupils daydream and look around the class doesn't it just make sense for them to actually take things in that may have some educational content?

Obviously, all of this stuff had to be taken down at the end of the week. Fire safety hazard apparently.

Oh well. At least I TRIED to be creative.
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