Summer brainwash camp

As a displaced Vietnamese, I have planned to go to the motherland next summer, so I decided to look for summer camps for Viet Kieu, or foreign-born Vietnamese this morning.

I found one report that looked really promising >>>right here.<<<

On closer inspection I couldn't help noticing the line

...the participants will engage in lectures on Vietnamese history and people, as well as the devoted life of President Ho Chi Minh.

YIKES! My gran would go mental if she knew I was going to a talk on "the devoted life of Ho Chi Minh"!!!!

Is that really necessary? I mean I want to learn about my language and culture but hasn't it occured to the people who run this thing that maybe the reason we left Vietnam in the first place is because that man! Nothing like a nice bit of brainwashing with your language lessons eh...
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