Went to a wii party yesterday with some pals and at the end of that we went clubbing in Madrid. On the metro on the way in someone knocked me on the back of the head and my glasses popped off and the glass in the left eye smashed.

So this morning I got up and wanted to get started on some work only to find that I has a hangover and couldn't bloody see anything.

Luckily for me HK is a fluent Spanish speaker and knows Madrid really well, so I dropped by this morning. Turns out that she has a spare pair of specs that her mum left behind so I tried them on.

Turns out that her mum has the same strength left eye as my one and her right eye is pretty normal. Only one thing for it then...

ATurns out that most shops are lsthough most shops are closed on Sundays, turns out it was my lucky day cos on the first Sunday of every month some shops decide to open and the optician was open so we went off and bought a new pair of eyes.

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