Stairway to Pakistan

I had an interview with a millionaire businessman yesterday for a tutoring job in Pakistan.

Having spent the whole night awake putting up my new e-learning site for a side-project I've got going on, I was a little reluctant to haul my arse out of bed for the midday interview, and even after Caz talked me into going to it I was a little dozy in the head area.

Procrastinating as I always do before interviews, I ended up leaving just enough time to get from my house to the centre of town with no margin for error.

Pretty bloody obvious that error was going to spring up then.

On the way to the station I have to cross a bridge and, being away with the fairies as I was, I managed to fall down the bloody stairs on on the way down the other side, twisting my ankle in the process and nearly passing out next to the ticket machine.

Obviously this meant that I missed my train and hobbled in half an hour late.

Anyway, the job will entail tutoring 2 kids, getting my own flat, flights, car and driver, a boatload of money and living in Pakistan. Hmmmm not bad.

The other choice I have at the moment would be to live in Switzerland at the base of the Alps and teach in a little school there.

Or I could stay here in the UK and leave teaching altogether. Decisions decisions.
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