Praise the Lord!

I think that being unemployed and desperate is starting to take it's toll on me.

Yesterday I was at home with my aunt doing the usual job application crap, when my phone rang. It was my cousin, calling for a quick chat.

Just as I picked up the phone there was a knock at the door so, cradling my phone in the crook of my neck I wandered downstairs and opened the door.

On my doorstep were 2 gorgeous Chinese girls! It felt like a bad porn movie plot. As I was on the phone I sort of said "erm hang on" to no-one in particular.

At that point, my aunt emerges from the kitchen and when I notice that the girls have a bible in their hands I figured that I'd let my aunt deal with the situation while I carried on on the phone. I figured she'd know what to do.

So I rushed off to the living room, finished up my phone call as hurriedly as possible, saying "Hurry up I've gotta go!" a number of times, and about 30 seconds after the knock I ran back to the door to find that my Aunt had sent them away!

Flinging the door open, I looked either way down the corridor and they were nowhere to be seen, vanished like smoke in the wind.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" I shrieked

"Oh, they were Chinese" She said, "I didn't understand a word they were saying and anyway I think they wanted to talk about God..."

I tell ya that was the first time I've ever run after Jehovah Witnesses!

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