Ya know that day when I said I dropped my camera down the toilet takin a pee?

Well actually I was choppin a log at the time when the damn cord snapped. I just didn't want to upset anyone with sensitive stomachs.

Jay quoted on facebook "Nice work. I'd like to see your insurance claim for that one!"

Anyway, I found myself giving relationship advice again this evening, as usual, the most unqualified person for the job and all I could come up with was this...

maybe you're takin it all a bit too seriously and you should perhaps think of it as ya know, like when you, I dunno, drop your camera down the toilet or something. You may be able to root it out, but, well it will still be covered in shit and the glory days will be over even though you may try to clean it up and the chunky bits may have gone

Joe actually said that this was GOOD advice!

mischief (currently looking for jobs as a marriage guidance counsellor)
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