You do KNOW I'm a teacher right...?

For some reason I have developed a reputation for being someone that you can talk to if you find yourself in the shit.

It's not that I'm particularly sympathetic but I sometimes give words of wisdom to friends when it all goes wrong (run away from the situation to another country), or in the case of relationships I think they just find it easier to laugh at me than themselves when it all goes wrong.

So the other day I'm online and a girl that I met in China logs on and says to me

"Andy I'm so glad you're online. I'm so fucked up"

"What's wrong?" I said, more out of nosiness than anything else.

"It's like this," she says "Basically this girl asked me if I would sit an exam for her at university and I did"

"erm, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight..."

"...and now she hasn't paid me the 400 Euros she promised me! What am I supposed to do!?"

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