The only way to take a final

After possibly the best weekend I've ever had in my life, Me and David got back from Morocco the other day, traipsed around Madrid for a kebab on Monday morning and got to sleep at 4am.

In the morning, I had to go to work, getting up at 7 and he had a final to take at 9 in Salamanca, for which he had to leave my gaff at 6am, knowing that he would be at least 15 minutes late for his exam.

Being a polite type, he dressed and crept out with the lights off just before the crack of dawn, managing to just about make me open one eye in recognition before dropping back into a coma.

When I got up at 7:40 I was a little rattled, wondering why my alarm hadn't gone off. Turns out that I had it on vibrate for the weekend.

At that point I noticed that I had 3 missed calls from David shortly after he left the house.

Not thinking any more of it I wandered off, took a shit and brushed my teeth. When I bumbled back into my room, I noticed that David's trousers were still on my floor.

Thinking that was a little unusual, I proceeded to get myself dressed for work when I realised that one of his trainers was still under my bed.

I was scratching my head by this point but it all fell into place when I opened the front door.

I own a pair of pink trainers and one of them was on the doorstep!

So my cousin must have turned up 15 minutes late for his Spanish exam, dressed in odd shoes, one pink, one white with no trousers on. I love my family!
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