Mr Moustache tribute

I just typed in "Mr Moustache" in Google to see if the little fella had any relatives only to find that Nirvana had already written a song about him!

I've not heard it but the lyrics seem rather fitting -

Fill me in on your new vision
Wake me up with indecision
Help me trust your mighty wisdom
Yes I eat cow - I am not proud.

Show me how you question, question
Lead the way to my temptations
Take my hand and keep it clean
Yes I eat cow - I am not proud.

Yes. I eat cow and I am not proud.

Not sure how I'm gonna wangle my way out of this one but the vote count for the demise of Mr Moustache is now up to (a whopping) NINE votes, which would seem to imply that Alan Johnston is about to be released.

Half of me wants to hold to my word about shaving the little fella on 10 votes the other half of me (and my little white whisker) wants to hold back to compare the hair with the kidnapped.

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