New poll

An overwhelming number of voters outvoted Nick's pathetic vote in my last poll. While 94% of you voted to hear about everything that Nick said including the downright racist bits, I presume Nick himself must have cast a vote of defence to try and stop me, making up a mere 6% of the votes.

Thanks for the support and I presume anyone reading dosaboys now has a good idea of what Nick was like. Just cos no-one can hear you there is no excuse to act like a prick and definitely never an excuse to say the sort of things he said.

I hate racists.

The latest poll this week is however, much more important than the career of a racist Kiwi newsman.

It's a matter of life or death. Of wisdom or stupidity. Of facial hair.

It's been nearly 7 weeks since i started growing my 'tache and, truth be told it's starting to get up my nose (literally and figuratively). Unhygenic and uncomfortable at perhaps 9mm in length it does have certain positive aspects. For example i can twiddle it when i get bored and it is starting to shape up like Salvador Dali's. It's also a useful food store between meals.

So, should i have a shave this weekend or not?

Cast your votes now!
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