Just back from Granada where I went with Einar for the last 3 days. What did I think of the Alhambra, one of Spain's most famous monuments, and candidate for the new 7 wonders of the world?

I couldn't be bothered to go see it actually. There are only 6600 tickets a day on sale and it seemed too much like hard work trying to get one so I went out and got lost around a town of almost limitless grafitti and dogshit. I thought Thamesmead had a dogshit problem!

The grafitti was fabulous though. Check it out on flickr.

The two of us did manage to sneak into a university boardroom though, which was completely off-limits, and Einar sat in the directors chair and played with the microphones while every other tourist in town made a beeline to the Alhambra.

Oh yeah I also forgot to metion that I got chased out of a church in Toledo the other day for trying to use the disabled lift! Ha! Great fun! mischief forever!
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