Dosa Boys Insider: Drivers and passengers

I imagine it's pretty obvious why I removed your admin privileges on the blog as soon as the race was over isn't it Nick. I know why you begged me not to in Darjeeling, I'm not as dumb as I look.

If it's not, here is a plain and simple explanation.

I never set out to write nasty things about anyone because that's not the sort of person I am. Far from it, we were supposed to be a team with equal privileges in everything and we were before the race started. I reflected this in the fact that we were all administrators on So that all posters were equal. I was never meant to be the principal blogger and I was really looking forward to seeing what you could do.

Blogging allows people a freedom of speech unavailable in other media lime TV, and control and editing never came into the frame.

It's called equal opportunities and applies across race, colour, age religion and more. You know what I mean. ;-)

So here is where it went wrong.

You are a driver. For those 10 days we drove, you later bragged that you done 90% of the driving.

No-one in the rickshaw will deny this. You did indeed do 90% of the driving. Ivan done about 9.9% after you relinquished the wheel on day 8 briefly and I drove 100m with you complaining all the way.

But did you ASK if we wanted to drive before taking the wheel? We all contributed our ends to getting on this run but YOU took it all yourself and wouldnVt let us get in at all.

You were the driver.

We were the passengers.

Well the situation has changed now. While you drove then, I am now the driver.

I have been writing blogs for 7 years and i write all day long. They say the keyboard is mightier than the ignition key Nick.

I am a blogger. And you are now my passenger and this is how it feels in the back seat.

After all, you got possesive of the steering wheel in the rickshaw and who can blame you. You're a driver. It's your domain and you didn't want anyone to interfere with its perfection.

Welcome to my domain and I trust you enjoyed the ride as much as me and Ivan enjoyed yours.

You live. You learn.

Adios amigo

Oh and one more thing.

No need to thank me for leaving out the REALLY bad shit you said on days 8 and 9 after the crash which i wrote down word for word in my secret notebook, witnessed by Ivan.

Let's just call that a favour from a teammate...

Your quote

"I work in the media! I can fuck up Mercy Corps if i wanted to! I could really embarass them!"

My quote

"I blog. After all who watches TV these days anyway..."
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