Alternatives to being poor

Lately, my pay packet has been bothering me a bit as, having left a well-paid job at a school in the UK my pay packet has been slashed by a third and this has left me with a sizable hole in my pocket [but a smug self-satisfied grin on my face for those in the know ;-)]

I was reading the Daily Telegraph the other day at Lucy's house and read that Cambridge University are paying crack addicts £300 to take part in some research.

Reading the Durex site yesterday and paying a quick visit to Club Pedestal's site today, it dawned on me...

I'm in the wrong job!

If I were just a crack junkie and sex addict, doing night shifts at Club Pedestal as a house slave, I would be paid in a week what I get paid in a month at the moment!

Now there's a plan!
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