What could possibly go wrong part 1

Yesterday I went to the ballet again, this time with Phil.

We buy our tickets at this half-price place (BARGAIN!) called Ultimo Minuto (last minute) which sells tickets to performances at the last minute on the cheap.

Lookin up at the board we bought tickets to Las Zapatillas Rojas (yes it was so good I went to see it twice) and the board said it kicked off at 7:30pm

As it was on in Bario de Pilar, we had to leg it to the Theatro Madrid and got there puffing and panting to find the doors locked.

When we looked at the ticket it said that the show actually started at 8:30pm.


So today you'd think I'd be a little more careful and check tickets. Faffing about on the net I saw tickets for Sarria and decided to go off and buy them in Renfe.

When I turned up they told me there was no station in Sarria.

hmmmm back to the drawing board.

So I decided to opt for a ticket to Vigo. On the net it said that that would cost 70 Euros so I handed over my card and she gave me a ticket.

As me and Juliet walked down the street we decided to check the ticket and voila!

It cost 177 Euros!!!!


Me being me I couldn't be bothered to change it so tonight I go to Vigo on a ticket that costs 3 times as much as a flight to the UK.

What could possibly go wrong my arse!

It's just like the Dosaboys all over again but without the racist Kiwi...
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