Dosa Boys Insider: Ivan in support

You may be wondering what happened to the other Dosa Boys and it may seem like a witch hunt between me and Nick but believe me it's not. I'm just writing what happened as it happened. That's what blogging is to me.

I have not removed either lad from the contributors and I hope that they voice their side of the story but if not I can't twist their arms. Any contribution they make will remain on the site, even though I am admin I won't bother removing anything. I have taken away admin privileges for everyone else though just to ensure that my posts don't get deleted, and to be fair all angles will remain if the lads want to post their sides.

Nick has disappeared off the face of the planet and Ivan sent me this email this morning:

man what you have written on the dosaboys blog is SOOO spot on!!!!
and your own blog is so fucking hilarious.......keep up the good work. it makes really really entertaining reading.
when you back in the uk ? im home in the next few days...would be cool to meet up.
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