Not a banana?!

Just been talkin to Jase on msn about how crappy it is that when dating sites and the like ask for preferences they never seem to have what I like.

For example I can't honestly put that I like Indie or Rock music cos I don't. I like Soca and Calypso, Ragga and Dancehall. If you were to ask me what my hobbies are then not put down "carnival" then you're not really going to get a true reflection of what I'm like.

Jase says I'm black inside and that the old description of a Banana (Yellow on the outside, white on the inside) is no longer applicable to me, so we decided to search for a better description.

A chocolate hob nob came up first as "sort of black on top and yellow underneath" but obviously that would only work if you turned it upside down. I suggested a Crunchie Bar but again that needs to be inverted to work preoperly.

I think perhaps the closest we got was a Creme Egg which was "mostly chocolate, sickly sweet white with just a little bit of yellow in the middle" or "sort of black on the outside with a confusion of white and yellow on the inside" before things started going downhill with the suggestion of corn-fed chicken drumstick (sort of yellow on the outside, mainly white and sloppy with a core that is fundamentally black"

Still needs a bit of work this one...

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