Return of the ex

I don’t usually involve myself with ex-girlfriends. It’s not out of choice of course but mainly due to the fact that I don’t ever have girlfriends. These last few weeks then have been particularly unusual for me.

Just before I took off for Romania I heard the bad news that one ex had gone into hospital with some serious bad shit. I won’t go into detail but those of you who know know the details already. I hadn’t spoken to her for a year after an incident involving an ex-friend while I was in Kuwait and frankly wasn’t too bothered about never seeing her again so it came as a bit of a surprise when I was told she was ill and I should go in and make my peace with her.

This I duly did and a few days after I left she went into intensive care with complications and things looked hairy for a while. As far as I’m aware though she’s through the worst of it and life goes on for me here in Alexandria in the Teleorman region of Romania, 80km south of Bucharest as though nothing had happened.

I wondered for a while that perhaps I’m a selfish bastard and I should be worrying a lot more about her, but let’s be honest, she was all too happy to fuck off with my mate when I left the country so I think I’ll leave the worrying to him. Does that make me a bastard? Shucks.

This got me thinking though. My track record is notoriously poor in keeping with the family tradition. Following such examples as set by my two older brothers has really meant that I don’t really fly off the starting blocks when it comes to dating women. Looking back my first real girlfriend decided to get hit by a car in Ghana and ended up in and out hospital for the next year and a half having countless operations to put her leg back together.

The next three years saw a complete absence of action at university, a record that seemed to surprise everyone but me. Then, after another year off (of studying and girls of course) I finally met someone else. Who is now in hospital with some serious life-threatening shit.

Am I a curse?

Then, last night the latest ex decided to start up a conversation with me on msn for no readily apparent reason to say ‘hi I’m working on my essay then I’m off to see my new boyfriend’

Well woopee fucking doo. What am I supposed to do? Jump up and down?!

Ex's huh? can't live with 'em...

Well at least I have the curse for comfort...
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