If you can’t come up with something funny yourself just nick something that makes you laugh…

I read a brilliant book review today about a book that just seems to hit the spot of exactly how I think about a subject that, let’s admit it, we all think about.

The book is called the “Joy of No Sex” by Will Smith and Roger Drew and is probably really crap but the review alone is worth a look. Here’s an edited version…

Fictional author Robert Bennett offers his “guide to life without lovemaking”, complete with Dr Alex Comfort-style illustrations of a hairy couple not doing it.

Intercourse. The headline act. The feature picture. The cmain course. The reason we all bought our tickets. Overrated, I reckon. A bit like Radiohead and the Coen Brothers. We pretend to like it because we think we’ll look odd if we don’t.

Well I prefer Bryan Adams, Die Hard and my dick in my pants. Rather than in my hands. Or anyone else’s hands. Or, heaven forbid, their ‘docking station’. I source my pleasure elsewhere.
Personally speaking, I have never derived pleasure from sex and neither has any woman I have slept with.

I agree with everything except the bit about Bryan Adams
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