Great Gorilla Run

A quick note to those readers who don’t already know. On the 25th of this month I will be running 7km around London in a full- gorilla outfit.

The purpose of this jaunt is to help raise a million pounds for the Dian Fossey organisation, a charity set up in memory of Dian Fossey the conservationist (whose life story was depicted in the film, Gorillas in the Mist in case it rings a bell).

I hope that regular readers of this column appreciate the value of gorillas to modern society i.e. their humour value and I would love to see some of you stumping up some cash for the cause. It’s dead easy to do just log onto and give something.

UK taxpayers also get the added bonus of an additional 28% of your contribution will be added as a donation from the taxman. An even better reason to give money to the monkeys!

So once again, log on to, make a gorilla happy and get one up on the taxman today. Anyone who donates will get access to the pictures when I’m done.

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