Say your prayers

Just reflecting on some of the cockups of this term for a giggle. Other than the kid who went to A&E, I've had some riots (well literally in my classroom but lets gloss over that one shall we) and I though tI'd just quickly jot one down before I forget how much fun I've actually had in this job (I whinge too much these days don't I)

I'm workin in a catholic boys school at the moment. Before every lesson starts, I've gotta say a prayer. It's pretty bloody simple. I say "St Joseph" and the boys say "Pray for us", I say "St John Baptiste de la Salle" -> "Pray for us" "Live Jesus in our hearts" -> "Forever" then I have to cross myself and give it some of the ol "name of the father" business

But I'm Buddhist/Taoist/Aetheist. I've never prayed before in my life!

So first day I walk into the classroom, stand in front of the class and said...

"St Mary"

to which the whole class just stood there and went... "Huh???"

then someone pipes up with, "Erm sir, Who's Saint Mary?" - "I aint got a clue - you're the catholic"

They smelt a rat from day 1.

Things have got a little better since then though. I've worked out that I can literally get everyone to bow their heads then just say "Our father who lives in Heaven..." and they finish the rest. It's easy this prayer thing. Man. What a cock!
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