40 Teaching days to go - Justice is served

I find myself constatnly reminding myself to focus on the task at hand. My mind naturally wanders off task but this job has seen my mind veer so violently off course so often I live 2 lives similtaneously these days, a real one of constant work and a make-believe, Walter Mitty second life. Sometimes I like to dream that I am Ancient Japan, a concubine to a sex-mad emperor, who won't leave me alone.

I shag and I shag and I shag all day long and by the time I get back to my mundane existence I'm actually quite pleased with my life because it seems easy in comparison. Or I am a starving victim of famine under a tyranical regime in my second life. Or I've had both my legs blown off by a landmine.

I used to dream of better things, an alternative second life of luxury as a form of escapism only to be frustrated that reality just wasn't playing the game. But recently it's been alright to dream high.

At Year 8 I have a brilliant class who are a pleasure to teach. I have a right laugh with them.

I've been provisionally accepted for Oxfam Glastonbury stewarding and my Police course is going great.

And on top of that I got 3 letters this morning saying that, following the successful prosecution of the 3 scumbags who tried to mug me and my mate on the train at the start of the course back in November, I have been awarded compensation of 50 quid each from the 3. Hurray! Justice is served!
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