There are bad days and there are good days

And today was shaping up to be a bad day in the teaching profession. With my first lesson I managed to cock it so badly up that the kids had absolutely no idea whatsoever what they were supposed to be doing. Still, I'm on teaching practice so I have backup to fall back on and the teacher took the reins and things didn't go too badly after all.

Then later, I went into year 11, into one of my favourite classes in the school. Not the top set by any stretch of the imagination but full of some real characters. My favourite a kid I shall call A is absolutely hilarious. He flatly refuses to do any work at all but he is so cool and so funny I just feel drawn to teach him!

he complained to the teacher in charge the other day, saying...

"Sir that Mr Hoang really pissed me off the other day. I hate him and never want to see him again" to which the doc replied "Why's that A?" and he says, "Cos I've been meaning to not learn anything while I've been here. For 5 years I managed to get away with learning a sum total of nothing then this guy comes along and I learn something. I hate him!"

So I have a good thing about that class and I love going in if just to assist at the moment. Today I went in there and it was another stunner of a lesson. I got the kids to swap roles with me. I done their homework while they went and taught the lesson. It was bloody brilliant!

Then finally, I taught the top set of year 8, And man that was good! They are smart and useful all the way and behaviour isn't really the biggest issue in there. I love it. What a wicked class! Then afterwards one of the pupils arranged to see me after school to discuss a project he's doing in DT and wanted my help in trying to get chemistry into it. We stayed behind talking about robots for half an hour after school. It was bloody brilliant!

So some days are bad. Some days look bad. Some days feel really bad and you feel you can get no lower.

But some days are good. This was one of those days, when you realise that really there are few jobs that make you feel as good as this. Watching the future developing and moulding it yourself. It's great.
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