Gearing up for round 2

Phew. Back in the UK where I can continue being completely ignorant of other cultures, safe in the knowledge that everyone speaks my language.

Preparing for round 2 (or replaying round 1 as the case may be this term) and must confess that I'm looking forward to going back in like a crash test dummy looks forward to being propelled headlong into a wall, although this time I do have my seatbelt on.

Cheers to Captain H of Karlsruhe, a fine host. All my clothes stink to high heaven of smoke and I have a good mind to take up the herb for next term. Thanks to all the germans, the swiss the vietnamese, and the chinese for a diverse new years eve, much appreciated.

Mr H of the USA via weblink, who kept us company the whole time by not leaving his room for a week was a notable highlight, and it's not often I hang out with not one but two vietnamese models in a week. Mr C who organised the basement party is a true gentleman and Mr TL certainly looks better with no moustache.

Happy New Year All
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