What the hell do I do now?

I think I've probably officially fucked it now. I have requested to drop out of my course.

I'm just not nearly near mature enough to take this on. I am completely bloody disorientated whenever I walk into a school and the amount of work on this course and the amount of work a teacher has to take on is just staggering. I've been completely, comprehensively deconstructed.

There are too many reasons I've chosen this course of action but I think at the core of it I've been really disappointed by my performance this term. There are a numer of reasons for this. I am still essentially a child who wants to just guide his mates through the academic minefield. I duck in the corridors when I see the headmaster, cos I think I have to avoid trouble. I'm not a teacher yet, I'm still a damn student.

But what the hell do I do next? I am officially a dropout/loser now. Where the hell do I go from here?
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