Naturist Massage job

In possibly the years biggest shock so far, young Mischief has today applied for a job as a masseuse at naturist club in north london. The exact job description is as follows...

Masseuses Required for naturist club!

Additional masseuses required immediately for busy health club (sauna/steam/massage). Full training given if required. Must have a reasonable standard of English. It is essential that you are completely relaxed about working in a naturist (clothes-free) environment!

Apply Now!

Couldn't pass up an offer like that, so apply I did with little hope. How the hell was I gonna justify applying my physics degree and all that that entails about my personality to this application!?! Worth a try anyway I thought, throwing caution to the wind in the way that I am accustomed to doing anyway. Only a fool would pass up the opportunity to do naked massage and get paid for it.

...and within a couple of hours I had an email back from the manager asking me to call them up for an interview. I've just got to try and figure out exactly where I am going to fit being a swedish masseuse in with being a teacher and a policeman. Surely there is a conflict of interest here?

Hell, thinkin about it there's nothing I want more than to be a porno swedish naked masseuse so everything else can go to hell. Fuck it I'm going out to get some credit on my phone. I'm gonna be a naked masseuse!
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