When we met tonight it hit me hard
It was too clear to see that we've grown apart
You once had reign of my soul and heart
but the flame that you burned had turned to dark

Not even a spark of the one I knew
Had to look twice, could not believe it was true
What the fuck have they done to you!?!
The darkest red turned to the deepest blue

But you choose to live your life this way
I'm just another appointment in your busy day
Neglecting the words that the wise men say
Dull is what comes of all work and no play

Why do we pretend to care when we don't
Why do you say you'll be there when you won't
Who are you kiddin with broken promises
Must be yourself cos you aint foolin me

Why do we feel like we must pretend
Sometimes sadly even good things end
Don't hide behind a mask of "someone who cares"
It's been too long since I called you Friend

Andy 2003

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