Girl from across the street

I think I'm in love but you don't care
I blow you kisses but you're unaware
You're on my mind all night and day
When I get too close you push me away

This I know is my destiny
I live on the fringe of society
I've chosen this life of sobriety
Perhaps rarely alone but always lonely

I can't say really that I'm too surprised
The nicest girls go for the baddest guys
The baddest girls really just aint that nice
The nicest guys frozen hearts turn to ice

So welcome all to the story of my life
A typical tale of a guy who's nice
Told with the tears of a clown in my eyes
We're made for each other when will you realise!?!

But I expect I know where this will end
I'll be crying in the moonlight and singin this song
You'll be tellin me we can still be friends
cos someone better will have come along

Andy 2003
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