She cause me pain

My entire body aches and burns, protesting at the jolt of life that has been administered. The more I think about it the less it makes sense; how could I, of all people, succumb to lethargy!?!

My muscles growl their disapproval and my legs seem to be on strike, but through the flood of lactic acid I glimpse salvation.

Yeah Legs, you're killin me now but admit it, you loved her as much as I did. You couldn't contain your excitement when you saw her curves in the midday sun and felt her warm skin brush against your boots.

She made you feel like there was nothing else in the world for the 90 minutes you chased after her. Yeah it hurts now, but when you look at it the thrill of the chase, the passion that she stirred up in you was somethin else weren't it. Yeah she was good.

Yeah, said Legs, stubbin his cigar out on my calf muscles, she was somethin beautiful for sure.

With the thought of her round leather skin and her tender touch burning in our mind, Legs and me sat there incapaciated, blowin smoke rings as the day faded away.

Yeah she was somethin special.
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