April - The story so far

April has started off with a real bang and I thought I'd just round up quick.

Have been a little busy since the forth month rolled round, which is definitely a relief, as I like nothing less than sittin around doing nothing and things are starting to fall into place.

With my place at Roehampton now confirmed for a september start for my PGCE I was already pretty chuffed with April and I strolled in from my kung fu class just as April rolled into town.

I'm a big fan of April as I'm not really a big fan of being cold and April is about when it starts gettin acceptable for my hairless body and also I really dig the idea of encouraging any form of childish prank.

In a fit of spontaneous prankness I texted Tal three words "I got laid!" and waited for his respose which was an instant call in shock and elation for me. "April fool!" I laughed with delicious irony as he went from ecstatic adulation for me to genuine disappointment. I couldn't help smirking at the idea of being so sadistically single that I find my own torture a real laughing matter. It was a great start to any month.

Ambitious men recognise their failings and strive to rectify them. Happy men recognise their weakness and smile.

Later I had to lightly point out to Skiv that the channel 5 news report that he saw in the morning about Mayor Ken introducing a 2 pound 'pedestrian charge' in Oxford St was probably not quite what he seemed. Sometimes when you laugh hard enough the world just resonates with that sound.

Work has been cool, I get to sit and surf the web reading Spinningchairs which is, in truth about the only site I can access which isn't blocked by the automaitc blag-sensors. The sun is shining again and I get to take a huge lunchbreak in St James Park and feed the ducks and it feels good.

After seeing Pericles at the National Theatre on Thursday night, which is arguably the theatre event of the year it has to be said, I was sat on the train back into Thamesmead with a bunch of drunken lager louts who were returning from the England game in Sunderland. Which happened the night before. Following the match this lot had clearly decided on the wisdom of continued drinking and were still celebrating a good 28 hours after the match had finished and were absolutely fucked. Good on em I thought as the loudest one got so embroiled in his singing that he missed his station (Westcombe Park). He was really funny about it though and announced the fact to the whole carriage who had a laugh at his expense - it was a great night out.

I'll hold my hands up though and say that Character week was an abject failure, although I intend to start a character collection, following up my USA work with pictures of and from real people right here in the UK, although more as a personal project than as an addition to this diary.

Today I found out that Stu is in Basra and I'll be popping a letter in the post to him as soon as I get his address, and I went round to Sarahs to hold her new adorable bundle of 7 day old in my arms. It's been an interesting week.

Today, hoping to finally complete my first full weeks work, I headed to the train station to find that all trains were cancelled due to a broken rail and hence I ended up getting in at 11, thus putting off any chance of a really respectable full 35 hours for another week. I really can't believe it.

Now, jobless once more I head to Nottingham on sunday indefinitely, until I get a call to return. With Si out of work too though I feel that if this period of unemployment is gonna be a long one then by eck it's gonna be a good one. But let's hope it doesn't come down to that quite yet, cos I have mad projects that need finance right now.
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